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About The Role

Role Purpose and Key Responsibilities:

The Safety & Compliance Officer is responsible for managing the safety, security, sustainability and compliance of events and day-to-day operations of the Stadium. The protection of our colleagues, customers and visitors is at the core of this role.


The Safety & Compliance Officer (SCO) will ensure that:

  • The Stadia work within the existing GVC quality management system – following the Arrangement, Managers Brief, Work Instruction Notice (WIN) and Stadia Operating Procedure hierarchy;
  • Communications, training and briefings are carried out in line with the Stadia Communication Plan;
  • Where a new process/tool is introduced or a document requires changing the SCO will work with their stakeholders and the central HSSE team to revise the QMS using the existing templates and communicate these changes out through the Stadia Communication Plan;
  • They work with all four stadia – finding joint solutions to keep all four stadia aligned;
  • Run events & campaigns supported by GVC HSSE teams that are specific to stadia but aligned with overall GVC agenda;
  • They complete reporting requirements on all areas using the template provided in a timely manner.

Health & Safety

  • Managing health & safety at the Stadium with the guidance and support of the Stadia Health & Safety Manager including (but not limited to):
    • Fire safety
    • Food safety (HACCP)
    • DSE
    • COSHH
    • Asbestos
    • Water management
    • Contractor safety
  • Ensure the Stadium operates within the requirements of its Safety Certificate and any relevant and applicable legislation;
  • Liaise with the Stadia Health & Safety Manager to implement updates, policies, procedures and workplace rules;
  • Encourage all persons in Stadia to report accidents, incidents and near misses to the Safety Management Centre;
  • Complete investigations regarding health and safety on the Service Now platform. For High/Critical this will be in conjunction with the Stadia Health & Safety Manager to develop in-depth root cause investigations;
  • Manage the MyMobile Worker/Service Now inspection process for the Stadia – ensuring that checklists are completed by the relevant person and reviewing the findings of these checklists;
  • Carry out Safe & Secure audits as required according to the GVC Audit schedule;
  • Maintain an audit trail of appropriate records and documentation to support compliance with the Safety Certificate;
  • Maintain records and documentation to support compliance to all relevant and applicable legislation & the Safety Certificate;
  • Run your Stadia’s Health and Safety Forum according to the Terms of Reference (TOR) – attending and participating in the Stadia wide Health & Safety Forum;
  • Attending the Stadia Director’s Health & Safety Forum (6 weekly);
  • Deliver and coordinate the training and induction of colleagues in respect of health, safety and security issues.


  • Managing the Stadia waste management plan – keeping control of Waste Transfer Notes (WTN’s);
  • Managing the environmental management of the Stadia with the guidance and support of the Stadia Health & Safety Manager.


  • Ensure that statutory and licensable activities within the Stadium are conducted in accordance with any relevant and applicable licensing conditions and licensing objectives. These are:
    • Age restricted sales – betting/alcohol
    • Data protection (GDPR)
    • Anti-bribery & corruption
    • Self-exclusion/player protection
  • Coordinate with the Local Authority, Police, Fire and Ambulance Services and any other body e.g. Safety Advisory Group in the relation to the maintenance of the Safety Certificate Conduct drills: conduct drills, such as fire drills, to ensure equipment is properly functioning and colleagues are aware of what to do in an emergency;
  • Complete the Failed Test Purchase interview where a Failed Test purchase (internal or real) occurs.

Safety Officer

Acting in the capacity of “Safety Officer” at events as specified in the Guide to Spectator Safety document:

  • Complete Event risk assessments for all GVC events and adjust event day proceedings as required including instructing Stewards, Security, Supervisors & First Aiders. All persons working in the bars, offices or stands (not in the kennels or on the race track) will be under your authority during an event;
  • Have the authority to stop or cancel an event should you consider that spectator safety can no longer be ensured (races can only be stopped or canceled by the Racing Manager or Stadia Manager, however the three of you will work together to reach an agreement where spectator safety and track safety cross over);
  • Prepare security/safety event briefings and ensure that these are communicated;
  • Hold post event briefings and adjust future events based on this feedback;
  • Refer to the Emergency Procedures for any contingency arrangements that may arise;
  • Responsible for developing contingency plans (including recording possible options and decisions taken) for events outside those listed in the Emergency Procedures document.


  • Manage the Security function;
  • Ensure the Security Supervisor is prepared to deputise this role when necessary, through supervision and training.
Additional Information
Qualifications and Educational Requirements
  • To achieve NVQ4 in Spectator safety within 6 months of appointment
  • NEBOSH qualification (or equivalent) is preferred.
  • GBGB License Holder
Specialist Skills and Experience Required
  • Experience of working in a sports/spectator event environment is preferred.
  • Knowledge of sports safety/stewarding.
  • Experience in training, communicating, stakeholder management
  • Must be a decisive decision maker – able to deal with multiple issues without losing focus on our aim of keeping spectators, visitors and colleagues safe.
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