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About The Role
Role Purpose

The Content team is accountable for the quality, accuracy and tactical positioning of content managed sports inventory for the Coral brand on all platforms for Digital and Retail channels.

As a Coral Content Executive, you will have a passion for sport and online sports betting and understand how to manage a sportsbook that optimises business requirements while creating a fun, enjoyable and trouble-free experience for the customer.

You will be responsible for using CMS applications, such as OpenBet, Mobenga, Oxygen, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), BGT and Grand Parade, for the creation and management of Sportsbook websites, applications and other media.

You will also be required to support CRM communications by setting up and configuring the delivery of both pre-planned and real-time relevant sports content to involved customer groups as the action happens, to drive activity, customer excitement and continued engagement with the sporting day at Coral.

To support a seamless customer experience, you will liaise with several internal functions, such as Brand, Marketing, CRM, VIP and Creative to drive consistency and align with the individual brand strategies.  Interaction with the Trading and Gaming teams will be necessary to fully understand and support the Trading strategy, up-sell sports products and cross-sell gaming opportunities.

Key Responsibilities

  • Creation and management of betting, promotional and engagement content on Coral Sportsbook, using a variety of platforms and tools. You will be required to produce banner content for campaigns using company-aligned promotional materials provided by the Brand, VIP, Gaming and Creative teams, as well as for real-time, odds-based tactical/strategic plays, product positioning and editorial instances.
  • Manage Coral Sportsbook betting display content and navigation touch-points, taking the daily sports schedule into account to optimise the positioning of key menu links and content areas.
  • Track and react dynamically to key trends and metrics to prioritise available content, making data-based decisions to implement changes to the content strategy to optimise the customer journey, highlight up-sell opportunities and drive revenue.
  • Constantly monitor and react to price changes and onsite trends to tactically order, position and prioritise the content displayed in line with our trading strategy.
  • Highlight any topical developments during the day to facilitate the customer journey and drive revenue on related betting opportunities. You will inform the customer of concessions and promotional activity that will help promote the brand and drive engagement.
  • Support high profile events by activating and managing the event hub content to create instances to signpost and provide quick access to relevant betting opportunities and promote the breadth and depth of betting opportunities.
  • Populate and manage the promotion pages on the Coral Sportsbook, using copy and creative assets provided by the Brand, VIP, Promotions, Marketing and Gaming teams to publish concession and product information pages. You will create consistent, functional and optimised promotion pages, to support the brand’s promotional strategy and conform to strict compliance rules.
  • Create individual instances of acquisition, retention and VIP specific content; proofread, prioritise and position this content to align with press, CRM and the sports schedule.
  • Creation and management of Gaming cross-sell promotional and engagement content on Coral Sportsbook, using company aligned promotional materials provided by the Brand, VIP, Gaming and Creative teams, as well as for real-time, reactive campaigns.
  • Support the SEO strategy by populating and managing copy in key onsite areas including surface bets instances.
  • Reference the content strategy and sports schedule to influence the creation of consistent, cross-brand Bet station content in our Retail estate. You support brand specific marketing concessions and promotions, as well as providing segmented content to target customers with pertinent content in relevant areas and locations.
  • Provide content management support and insight in creating banners, promotional content and featured instances to support the retail customer journey and create consistency with all other platform, driving a familiar customer journey across all products.
  • Flexibility in working to support a seven-day working week, between the hours of 8am-11pm (including Bank Holidays). This will include the necessity to support operations out of hours when the sporting schedule dictates and based on business requirements.
Qualifications and Educational Requirements
  • Degree level education would be preferable but is not a pre-requisite
  • Excellent knowledge of the English language with exceptional skills in spelling, punctuation and grammar including a keen eye for detail.
Specialist Skills and Experience Required
  • Extensive sports and betting knowledge is essential
  • Experience working in online sports betting preferred
  • HTML experience preferred
  • Usage of content management systems, including Google Analytics
  • Highly motivated individual
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Always able to meet deadlines set by the business
  • Responds positively to change
  • Ability to establish and maintain strong working relationships
  • Proactive and methodical approach to matters
  • Enthusiastic individual, who works to develop their skills base
  • The role will require you to work at those times when our sportsbook is at its busiest, so evening and weekend work will be frequent.
Experience with the following platforms, applications and tools are an advantage:
  • OpenBet Display Manager CMS
  • Openbet Admin & Back Office
  • Mobenga CMS
  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Oxygen CMS
  • DAM Application
  • BGT Apollo CMS
  • WinSCP