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About The Role
Role Purpose    

As the Econometrician for Ladbrokes Coral you will work for the dedicated marketing analytics team that will support all brands and products within our portfolio. You will be responsible for the delivery of insights, analytical tools and presentations to organisational stakeholders and to business leaders focused on the business domain areas to which you are assigned.

A key part to the role is to prepare and transform data, run descriptive analysis, and in particular apply econometric techniques to answer current business questions.  You will prepare and present your ideas and analysis to key stakeholders and be able to persuade them of the use of the data and analytical tools.

Reporting to the Head of Marketing Analytics, you are expected to proactively work with the rest of the BI team to support and enable them to meet their KPIs and new propositions.

Key Responsibilities

  • Answer business questions using data and analytic techniques, such as econometrics, providing fact based responses
  • Transform business questions into an analytical plan, select the right analytical technique and tools to deliver an answer that satisfies the person(s) who asked the questions
  • Data preparation including defining, transforming and structuring data so that the data is ready for econometric and other forms of analysis
  • Able to structure data to be able to deliver business insight on the performance through the application of econometric modelling and other forms of analysis
  • Understand relationships between data as part of exploratory data analysis to pre-determine if hypothesised relationships will exist
  • Carry out descriptive analysis to a level where you can demonstrate you understand the problem area
  • Develop econometric models from single standalone models to pooled models
  • Support the running of marketing mix optimisation using the econometric models
  • Deployment and roll out of econometric solutions developed with the Marketing Analytics BI team
  • Use control groups, hold out samples and confidence testing to deliver new cause and effect insights from historical marketing campaigns
  • Develop prototype reports based upon the econometric modelling
  • Work effectively with business counterparts to conceive, specify, pilot and implement analytical applications and tools
  • Use abstract thinking and problem solving skills to identify business opportunities and pinpoint problems
  • Report on historical facts such as marketing channel contributions, ROI and diminishing returns
  • Assimilation of econometric output for interpretation by the Senior Analyst and Head of Marketing Analytics
  • Development of initial insight and accompanying interpretation for review by the Senior Analyst and Head of Marketing Analytics
  • Creation of econometric output to be disseminated throughout Ladbrokes Coral to audiences of varying seniority including the Ladbrokes Coral Exec
  • Create new measures and dimensions within the data as needed to solve the problem at hand
  • Work to continually improve creative techniques, performance and output/productivity levels
  • Find and implement analytical approaches to decision making optimisation
  • Demonstrate the value of your analytical outputs in terms of decision making improvement
  • Educate business users and leaders on how to measure performance
  • Scope and execute analytical projects to meet the needs of the business stakeholders, in particular, how changes in brand strategy have affected business performance
  • Drive analytical projects though to delivery and embed them within the organisation
  • Work with your business leaders and teams in the business to meet their analytical need and support ad-hoc requests
  • Look for ways of working with the rest of the BI team to fully automate where the same analysis needs to be repeated weekly or periodically
  • Identify new ways of looking at the data, or problems, and presentthe approach and output
  • Providing the business teams with ad-hoc, or regular reporting to support ongoing operations
  • Provide ongoing support to the marketing teams through the development of alternative marketing plans based upon the findings of econometric modelling and other analytical techniques
  • Industrialisation of your analytics output
Qualifications and Educational Requirements
  • BSC in an analytics related subject
Specialist Skills and Experience Required
  • Experienced Analyst with excellent skills in Excel
  • Experience working with data cubes and also be able to use tools such as SQL or other languages to get access to data.You will be experienced with working from a data warehouse environment. We currently use Microsoft SSAS (cubes, Power pivot, Power view, Excel) SQL and Knime as our main analytical tools.
  • An undergraduate degreethat has a strong analytical bias
  • Previous experience of applying econometric models in a marketing context
  • A thorough understanding of the statistical tests used when judging the robustness of an econometric model
  • Articulate and confident when presenting the output of your work
  • Highly data and statistical driven rather than gut feel
  • Capable of clarifying business hypothesis and apply analytical technique to test them
  • Capability to interpret data and drive business conclusions
  • Good problem solving ability
  • Ability to work across functions and locations
  • Understanding of financial reporting including income statements and performance dashboards
  • Good communicator